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Majisola Edu

Mojisola Edu is the Founder of the She Wins Network, She Wins UNConference and Love Energy Services (Holistic Services).  She is an award-winning Media Personality and has interviewed A-list stars such as Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, and Kevin Hart. She is a Disabled Army Veteran and former unhoused veteran. She is an MST survivor and works with those with trauma. She has a BA in Business Administration. She is a veteran's transitional coach and mentor, author, veteran advocate, and certified transformational life coach. She served on the advisory board to create the women veterans license plate for D.C and wrote a Proclamation honoring women veterans in 2018 and 2019. Mojisola is a highly sought out mentor for veterans in transition at and Dog Tag Inc.  

Mojisola is a strategic consultant for the DC Mayor's Office of Veterans Affairs and a proud Rotarian. She is a business owner and social media guru. She has taught classes at Georgetown University on Networking for Entrepreneurs and is also an alumna, and is an alumna of Cornell University School of Women Entrepreneurs and Hill Vets. She is a diversity and inclusion advocate, and an advocate for healing through trauma. Mojisola is a Reiki Master, meditation guide, and 200-hour RYT yoga teacher. A global speaker and healer, she has spoken on many panels and continues to mentor and inspire people through her journey.  She recently completed global healing work in Costa Rica. Mojisola believes that “The most courageous thing a person can do is decide to heal. With healing, you find clarity and compassion for ourselves.   We must begin with forgiving ourselves for things we had and didn't have control of and that’s where we find peace, for we are a work in progress.”

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Lily Ackerly

Lily discovered yoga after graduating from college and moving back home.  Feeling lost and unsure of what to actually do with the degree she just spent thousands of dollars on she stumbled into a beginner yoga series at a small local studio in her hometown in MA.  After the first class, she stopped at the grocery store to grab a few items for dinner.  Not only did her physical body feel light and open but her mind was incredibly clear and in focus.  She felt like she was seeing broccoli for the first time ever - and it was beautiful!  After this grocery store moment of clarity, Lily knew this yoga thing was not an exercise fad but an incredibly powerful tool in human experience, and so began her journey.

Lily was lucky enough to land on her feet after college with a few stepping stone jobs and eventually a ‘good’ job in Boston.  While working 40-60 hours a week she continued her yoga practice making sure to step into a studio at least once a week.  Just as the yoga brought her clarity as a confused graduate it brought her energy (and sanity) as an overworked employee.  After two years of commuting and daily grinding, she quit her job, donated everything but the essentials, packed up her cat, and moved to Charleston.  She hasn’t looked back.  Creating light in her life in this way she was able to bring yoga into a more major role in her life.  Shortly after moving, Lily completed her teacher training at Mission Yoga.

While teaching - Lily spent 5 years scaling & growing an eCommerce brand from start-up to an 8-figure business and now helps others grow their own business through a membership program and podcast with Brand Growth Experts. She has a ton of experience in digital marketing and how to engage and grow an audience using online tools and resources. She uses these tools to support individual teachers so that the corporate franchises don’t take over and pull away from the intent and lessons of the practice.  She uses her digital marketing experience to support businesses and people who use their creative energy to lift others up and provide services to the community.