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Retreat to Spirit Mentorship

Connect Your Yoga Business to Heart Centered Service

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Meet Your Mentors: Amina Naru & Pamela Stokes Eggleston

We are passionate in our work to assist the paradigm shift that is taking place on our beloved mother earth. 

As internationally recognized leaders in the field of yoga and service our unique leadership style provides you with tools, mentorship, education and compassionate spaces for growth in your journey towards joy and peace. 

We created this mentoring program because we are committed to helping other teachers find a way to expand your offerings while staying true to yoga and your work dismantling white supremacy.


Our work is based in yoga teachings and social justice. The challenge is finding the right balance of self-care, business strategy, and service in these spaces.

In this mentorship we will support you in...

Next Mentorship Cohort


January 9 - March 2, 2024

Tuesdays & Thursdays 6-8pm EST (on zoom)

Unlike most mentoring programs, we are interested in looking at how your work as a yoga or wellness practitioner can be expanded into a form of service to humanity. Through a clearer understanding of business, community-building, and marketing, we’ll support you in expanding your teaching and offerings, while filling your own heart.

Our work is based in yoga and social justice. We are committed to helping other teachers find a way to expand their offerings while staying true to yoga and to their work dismantling white supremacy. The challenge is finding the right balance of self-care, business strategy, and service.

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This 8-week mentorship program is project-based, which means you’ll start by clarifying a focus for our time together.

For example, this could be a relaunch of your yoga studio, starting a series of online workshops, or building an online community. Over the course of our time together you’ll get a chance to build on that vision and formulate a plan to make it a reality. 

Join us for a project-based mentoring program designed to connect your heart to your work.

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Karen Flynn, retreat participant

“We all started as complete strangers, all came to the retreat alone and left as a very connected group due to the nature and expertise of Amina and Pam.  I felt connected to spirit when I completed my time with them. Hell yeah. And you will too. I cannot wait to spend more time with them either in person or virtually. Calm. Non Judgemental, Safe.”

I cannot wait to spend more time with them
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Lisa Richards, Holistic life coach and functional medicine

“The content / outline of the retreat provided the perfect foundation for deeper one on one conversations. By the end of the week our small group felt like family! We will all stay connected and vow to return for the next ‘Retreat to Spirit’ event! Meeting Pam & Amina in Costa Rica was a life changing experience for me! I knew this was just the beginning and I wanted to continue working with them.”

Life changing experience
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Mojisola Edu, Army Veteran

“I am a disabled Army veteran. I have the honor of being mentored by two extraordinary women in my yoga journey.  They represent all things wellness. They have guided me and expanded my perspective and knowledge of yoga. As a student, I have been able to see beyond asana and truly embody what serving the community looks like in yoga. They are with you every step of the way. I'm grateful to call them my mentors.” 

I cannot wait to spend more time with them

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One payment of $595
Two payments of $297.50


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