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Neurophysiology of Meditation

  • 3Weeks
  • 77Steps
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This online course is for anyone searching for a deeper exploration of science, spirituality, and the necessary basics of well-being through meditation. Yoga philosophy and its ties to neurophysiology has been well-researched to show what the yogis have always known - that the nervous system can be affected by our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Many of us are experiencing trauma, burnout, anxiety, low-grade depression, social isolation, and insomnia at astronomically higher rates post-COVID: our wellness has been hijacked as life moves back towards its “normal” dysfunction. The course includes an Introduction, 3 Modules, Assessments, and several breathing and meditation techniques to support the integration and understanding of the material– · Introduction: A Brief Overview of the Course · Module 1: Philosophical Foundations of Well-Being · Module 2: The Autonomic Nervous System · Module 3: A Grounding Practice Each student will receive the critical knowledge and competency to 1) add to their self-care practices; 2) to create and cultivate new ways of contemplation; 3) to better understand why the nervous system is important and how powerful it is to regulate one’s own; and 4) to wholly embody yoga philosophy and its effects on the body, mind, and soul.

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